punta falcone piombino costa degli estruschi

The land

The Land

This is the Tuscany that breathes the Mediterranean, grazed by the south-westerly wind and caressed by the sun. The wild soul of Maremma, the DNA of the Etruscans, the poetry of a territory open to the sea and facing the metal hills.

This is the land of very noble and legendary wines, the birthplace of winemakers who pay less attention to the label in order to privilege the work in the field first, and the one in the cellar afterwards.

This is an extra virgin land like its olive oil, which perfectly expresses the essence of this corner of Tuscany.

The roads and paths of the Etruscan Coast are every traveller’s dream, and if you like cycling you are in heaven.

On the other hand, if you prefer walking or strolling, there are hundreds of tracks and beaches that you can enjoy on your own, in winter or at the peak of summer. Seeing is believing.

Squares and alleyways, bars and taverns in small villages are the places that bring back the human dimension of the Italian province.

The strong, rebellious, biting spirit of the Maremma is easily perceived in an environment that nonetheless remains people-friendly.

Villages and towers, agriculture, sheep rearing, farm organizations and transhumance flows have all shaped this balanced territory and the human settlement has historically developed in the hills thanks to the healthier and safer environment.