Azienda agricola terravita vigneti

Our Story

Our Story

TerraVita starts in Suvereto, Tuscany when Carlo Andrea and Chiara are on holiday in Maremma and get struck by the beauty of this territory which perfectly ties the Tuscan countryside with the seaside.

Together they decide to pursue a simple but very ambitious project: to make solely high quality wines respecting the land they walked on, the emotions and the answers it daily conveys. 

Easily recognizable wines, uniquely and fully expressive of their own terroir.

They spotted a vineyard in Notri, planted in the early Eighties and in a clear state of abandonment, and they managed to restore it with care and passion:  this was the first step towards the future of the estate.

Azienda agricola terravita suvereto toscana

Over the years TerraVita has developed to embrace the lands in the Gregana and Palazzotto areas; alongside wine production, we also produces olive oil and now offers accommodation.

As it happened with the first vineyard, even this adventure began with the recovery of an abandoned property. The existing spaces were completely renovated to create the winery, the cellar, the tasting room and seven flats with a communal pool. 

Visiting Tenuta TerraVita means entering a silent oasis, where you can spend days in complete relaxation enjoying nature and the people who live there. A place of freedom and tranquillity.