The terroir and the vineyards

Terroir and the vineyards

Culture in Suvereto revolves around agriculture. The land has been shaped for generations by hardworking farmers, who planted  vineyards and olive groves for centuries, creating on the hills a mosaic of fields, woods and pastures of rare beauty.

Nowadays in Suvereto wine is the flagship product. The suveretan wine territory is a kaleidoscope of microclimates, each with peculiarities and precious excellence.

A thousand-year old history nourishes our vineyards which develop through woods and ditches, cultivated fields and wild pastures. A land shaped by man, who was nonetheless able to create a fine balance between Nature and agricultural needs.

We have chosen an outermost and uncontaminated rocky area, uncultivated for decades and nestled in the Mediterranean scrub.Proximity to the sea, rolling hills alternating with Milia and Cornia plains, the continuous breeze, all contribute to create a complex balance that makes grounds, people and produce of the land pure, strong and unforgettable: exactly like our wines.

The woodland nearby which divides the Petit Verdot from the Sangiovese and the Pugnitello vineyards is also an added value to our estate. It preserves the wildlife and promotes the environmental balance maintained for centuries.

The addition of biodynamic techniques also creates an even stronger bond with the rhythm of Nature.

Vineyards in Notri

Our project started in winter 2012 when we spotted in the location of Notri of Suvereto a beautiful 2-acre vineyard planted in the early Eighties.

Our choice was made with the awareness that such a site, thanks to the Colline Metallifere (Metal-bearing Hills) and the proximity of river Cornia and Tirrenean Sea, makes the wines coming from this region unique in their characteristics.

At foothills on a clay soil rich in a great variety of mineral micro-elements, we cultivate pruned-spur cordon-trained vines of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The plantation has a density of 3500 stocks per acre, with an average production of 3000 bottles per year

Azienda agricola terravita vigneti

Vineyards in Palazzotto

The shape and slopes of the hills create a picturesque amphitheater which hosts 3 vineyards. South of the woods lays the main vine, the Sangiovese, which expresses its full potential on this Tuscan coast territories; this variety is able to give great wines here in its place of birth.

Respecting Nature, history and the territory in which it grows, we have also chosen to cultivate a native indigenous grape variety of great potential, the Pugnitello.

A third vine north of the woods hosts the Petit Verdot, a grape variety which is highly suited for the weather in Tuscan Maremma. Furthermore, in February 2019, we planted half a hectare of Grenache vines on a soil rich in marl, which is both vinified on its own and partly used, with Sangiovese and Petit Verdot, to produce Aurora, our rosé wine.

Vineyards in Gregana

Within the property, surrounded by a wooded area on a sandy soil, we planted one hectare of Cabernet Franc in 2019 and the white grape varieties of Trebbiano, Procanico and Malvasia Bianca in 2020. Cornia and Milia rivers guarantee a high temperature range between day and night, which gives our wines freshness and salinity.