Agricoltura biodinamica tenuta terravita suvereto

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We have chosen biodynamic agriculture, a form of alternative organic cultivation technique, to grow fruits able to express their features and potentials in a natural way.

Our grapevines breath pure clean air, get fed by healthy soil and get nourished by aromatic herbs which blossom abundantly all around.

Our wine is the product and the result of all this.

We use no chemicals, just natural biological compost: nothing that can compromise the potential of our terroir.

The grapevine is a generous plant, it does not need boosting, unlike in conventional farming, which is often intensive and causes soil depletion, energy loss and progressive infertility.

At TerraVita we therefore work on the soil structure to promote the growth of fungi and bacteria, carefully avoiding the soil compaction which usually follows the mechanized frequent turfing of tractors.