terme della cerreta piscina esterna sassetta


Wellness and Spas

Sassetta Baths

The thermal waters of the Terme di Sassetta are a small luxury and the time spent in this natural paradise will be extremely pleasant.

At Cerreta you will have a timeless experience: in front of a glass of Vermentino, sitting under the great oak tree, immersed in the thermal waters that will make you feel the warmth of the earth. It will be the right time to look after and nurture yourself, in perfect harmony with the elements of Nature and the slow pace of country life.

Land of Wellness since Roman times

Calidario Etruscan Baths

Welcome to the natural lake of Acque Populanie, already a favorite with the Etruscans and the Romans.

The thermal waters are not sourced from the subsoil but flow out naturally; on the journey from the underground they become enriched with minerals, bringing warmth and offering relief and comfort to the body. Thermarium, Calidarium (Turkish bath), Frigidarium (emotional cold showers), Tepidarium alternate moments of relaxation, waterfalls and body massage.

And then there is the Laconicum, a modern sauna mixed with regenerating cold showers. And if this is still not enough because you want more, for those who do not just want to feel good but want to feel great, the journey continues with holistic and emotional treatments.